Goldendoodle puppies coming up

I have a litter of F1b puppies that should be due in early October .    These will be from a Goldendoodle mom and a Standard Poodle dad.  The mom is in the 50 lb range.   Dad is 60 lbs.   Should be cream and apricot in color.   I will start taking deposits when the puppies are a couple weeks old.


Spring puppies

I have a litter of English Goldendoodles that will be ready mid June.   Males and females still available.  I am taking deposits for them right now.  They are all white to light cream in color and will be in the 50-70 lb range as adults.



I think spring has finally arrived in Wyoming.   Long time getting here.   We have a litter of F1b Goldendoodles that will be ready for new homes around the 15th of May.   DSC01754 There are 2 male puppies that aren’t spoken for.  A deposit is required to hold a puppy.


Woodle Puppy

Carlos, I have to thank you for giving Bastian the most wonderful home.   He had quite the journey to get to your house.   I am thrilled that he has filled a void for you and has become your ESA.   I knewDSC01612 DSC01615 he had a specific purpose and has found that with you.   Keep in touch and send pictures as you can.


Non-refundable deposits

I feel the need to expand on the non refundable deposit policy.   We as reputable breeders want to find the most responsible loving homes for our puppies.   That is in part why most, if not all of us, require a deposit to hold a puppy and that deposit is not refundable if the puppy buyer backs out at a later date.  When there is a deposit holding a puppy, we take it off the market and turn other buyers away.   Placing a deposit on a puppy, in most cases, makes the new owner think and research before they buy.   We find that impulse buyers don’t make the best homes for new puppies.   Most breeders post this policy on the sites they advertise on so it isn’t something that is a surprise at a later date.   Please be responsible before you commit to buying a puppy.


Wildflower Lodge

A big thank you to the Wildflower Lodge in Wilson Wyoming for allowing my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy to become your new lodge dog.   I am sure he will be a willing greeter for your guests.


Bernese puppies

Thank you to all the new moms and dads of my Bernese babies.   All the males have new homes now.  I have one female available and she is ready at any time.   Puppies are current on vaccinations and have been vet checked.


Bernese male puppies

I have 3 male Bernese puppies that will be ready to go after the 15th of January.   Dad is 105 lbs and mom is in the 70 lb range.   They will be current on vaccinations and de wormings.

You might want to get one of these pups to hold you down in this crazy Wyoming wind we have been having!! dsc01296 dsc01284 dsc01291


Happy New Year

Blessed New Year to all my past clients.   You have made my job so enjoyable.   I enjoy all the Christmas cards with the new family member in tow and appreciate the updates as the puppies grow up.   Thanks.


English Golden Retriever puppies

I have one male and one female English Golden Retrievers  that are ready for new homes now.   They are super light colored with amazing laid back personalities .    DSC00821 DSC00820


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