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DSC07830 DSC07688 DSC07329We are a home based business located in southeastern Wyoming.   We are fortunate enough to own a large acreage where we live and work.   Our business is run by family members, who are all  animal lovers.   Our dogs are part of our family.   Our dogs receive constant human contact, all are socialized and love people.   We strive to produce happy health companion animals that enhance the lives of other loving families.  A lot of our dogs have champions in their lines but that is not the focus of our program.   We look more at health and temperament when deciding which dogs to produce.   A lot of our purebred dogs are duel registered with AKC and APRI  and we strive to meet the standards they have set forth.    Our dogs live on the ground not stacked in tiny cages. They  have huge yards to play in and have stimulating day to day schedules.

In 2002 I started Ruff Pine Kennel with a pair of Pomeranians and a trio of Scottish Terriers.  As word  about the high quality, healthy dogs we raise spread, I found myself expanding to where we are today.   I raise several different breeds but I don’t have a large number of each breed so selection is limited.

I work closely with 3 veterinarians who oversee the day to day activities at the kennel.   I am in contact with my attending vet at least once a week and we discuss protocol for the kennel or any special issue that may arise.  All veterinary care is supervised and or prescribed by my veterinarians.


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