Last Day of April

DSC00292 DSC00293 I’m trying to be thankful for the moisture but I am running out of patience!!!!!!!!!DSC00294


Oh Happy Day

We have Bernadoodles that will be ready in a couple more weeks.  Their 8 week date is 5/3.  I have a tri colored female and a brown black and white male available.   The mom is the Bernese Mountain Dog and weighs between 60 and 70 lbs   Dad is a silver and white parti colored Standard Poodle.   He weighs 50 lbs.  DSC00202 DSC00210


Happy Holidays

Missed wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!!   We had a wonderful celebration with family.   Typical dinner with all the trimmings.   We like to play cards and we put up some Christmas lights.

Upcoming puppies are growing like crazy.   Bernese/Great Pyrenees pups and English Goldendoodles are being weaned now.   DSC09631


Executive Decision

I will soon be entering into my 14th year of raising happy healthy puppies.   As you know, with any business that involves animals, it is very time consuming and there is really never a day you can take off without finding someone to take over.  That being said, I have decided to take Sundays off as a day for no deliveries, no phone calls and no puppy sales.   I will still be timely in my responses to e-mails and phone calls but will do that on Monday if they are received on Sunday.   I typically start work by 6 in the morning and find myself editing and sending pictures and answering e-mails until 9 at night.  Days are long and productive and I do it by choice.   Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Baby Hawk

Every year we have a pair of hawks that nest here.  This year they built in the tallest blue spruce right in the front yard.   Tonight I came home and little baby was sitting on the porch.   I asked him what he was doing up so close to the house and he just looked at me.   I got within 2 feet of him and he just sat looking at me.   Now he is in the tree annoying Kara.   He isn’t bothered by my presence but fans his wings at the dogs.   I am rich with blessings from above.  How many people get to witness something like that?    DSC09298 DSC09303 DSC09302


Vacation in Vegas

Thanks to my family and Morgan, I was able to spend a week with kids and grandkids in Vegas.   Temperatures were 113 ish so we spent a lot of time in the pool!!    I don’t know how people survive there.   That is way too hot for me.   Back to work now, doing lots of grooming and keeping the wading tanks full of water for the doggies.

I am so blessed to have a family that is willing to help out so I can have a little break at times.   Thanks guys.


Past Families

I have been fortunate in the past couple of months to hear back from numerous families that have purchased puppies from me.  Some just to say hi and send pictures of their puppy and several that are ready to add a new family member.   I have to thank all of you for reaching out.   This has been validation for me that I am doing the right thing and am on the right path.   To have a career I truly love is priceless.


Happy Mother’s Day

got to break out the coveralls and snow shovels again.   Thought we were done with winter but Wyoming weather has a mind of it’s own.   Thanks to my wonderful kids for the wishes and gifts.   Wish they lived closer but they are always good about keeping in touch.   I am truly blessed.


Living a Purpose Driven Life

When we are able to silence our regrets over the past and worries about the future, we start to see our lives in the present with a deeper sense of clarity.



Ok all you fitbit fans.    Beat this.   Last Saturday I logged 26,166 steps which translates into 10.94 miles.    That was just mowing, tilling the garden areas, and general maintenance around the place.    Tired that night but what a good feeling.  So much accomplished.    I will be lean and mean in no time!!!   Looking forward to a few days without rain showers to interrupt the progress.


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